Setup a Secure DNS Server with W2K3

During the weekend o2 Broadband advised me about an outage with my ADSL2+ connection so I thought nothing of it until I tried to use the Internet in the morning and it did not I looked at the possible issues:
1. ADSL2+ Service Down

2. ADSL2+ Gateway Down

3. ADLS2+ DNS Service Down

4. Local Hardware Issues

The problem was with o2 DNS Servers so as you could probably guess I could not browse to any Internet sites as I do not know have their IP address in my local addition to this I have noticed a slowness in DNS resolutions as traffic of this type if probably not high in the QoS (though it is damn well important as without it you have no internet)
This was the straw that broke the camels back....action time......I thought to myself "local DNS server no issues" here is the guide to setup a Windows 2003 DNS Server without Active Directory!
WARNING : DO NOT follow this guide for an Active Directory domain as you will break it....this guide will setup a DNS server that does not foward DNS requests and that does not allow dynamic updates so all updates are manually completed if the site is not in root hints!!!!!
Step 1 . Start the Sever Management and add a role to your server:

Step 2 : Choose DNS Server

Step 3 : Confirm your settings (do you want to install a DNS server?)

Step 4 : Let the installing begin...

Step 5 : Welcome to DNS click next to continue...

Step 6: Create a Forward looup zone....nothing more, nothing less....

Step 7 : Your server maintains the Zone.....YUP!

Step 8 : Give you zone a name here I have used "dns.local"

Step 9 : Verify the DNS file is correct (should be dns.local.dns for my example)

Step 10 : Stop those Dynamic Updates (unless you want DNS posioning)

Step 11 : Should your DNS server foward queries...well in my case...NO!

Note : If you disallow your DNS server to foward queries then if your DNS server cannot lookup the request the website does not exist, therefore your server becomes authoritative
Step 12 : Confirm all is OK and Finish your setup, done

Step 13 : Well Done, you have a DNS server for web traffic!
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