Buggy iTunes

Why can Apple not write software that accesses their devices correctly for Windows.....especially that over blown load of wank called "iTunes" as the device itself is wicked but coupled with a Windows machine iTunes will drive you nuts and cause you to loose all your hair!
I know the Windows machines are not where Apple make money....but it you want PC users to convert to Mac users then do not release software like iTunes for Windows that does not work....if you think I am making this up the take a look at this error:

To solve this error try a dfferent USB port and hey-presto it works.....so I google this error and find the Apple Knowledge base that says "Ensure you have the lastest USB drivers"....WTF.......so by updating my USB drivers it will work.....thats funny as when I put another device in the USB port it works.....
The knowledge base should say "Ensure that you have tried all the USB ports on your computer, if this fails then ask for a vendor refund".....Apple wake up....some people do not want to be converted from Windows to Mac.......leave then alone!
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