Windows Server 2008 x64 as a Gaming Platform?

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Yes, you read that right as Windows Server 2008 is in general 20% faster than Vista I have the x64 version running on my gaming computer as out of the box it is more secure, reliable and functional however to only downside is that out of the box you get nothing it is a server not design for the task of gaming so you need to customise it a little.
This can be completed from Program Features in the Control Panel then from there you need to "Turn Windows Features On and Off" then you will need to select all the features you require like DirectX, Wireless Manager, Acceleration Support, Sound Support and finally .Net Framework 3....
I do not recommend the "Aero" interface that enables the glass effect as this puts unnecessary pressure on your grpahics card to render the glass effect which in essence is pissing useless unless you like to half-life all your computers components....
Once you have completed the addition of required roles as outlined about you will need to secure your system by completing the BASIC following steps:
1. Disable Ports and USB Hubs you will not use - in the BIOS

2. Disable Onboard devices you will not use (Sound, Gameport, NIC) - in the BIOS

3. Ensure you CPU core controls (VCore, Voltage, Mutiplier and VCore-) are set to Automatic

4. Ensure you Memory core controls (Voltage, SPD, CAS, Prefetch) are set to Automatic

5. Disable services you will not use (like Telephony for ADSL users)

6. Ensure you Page File (pagefile.sys) is not on the partiton you install Windows to...

7. Ensure you optimise your memory managment for Programs/Programs

8. Disable crap, yes crap, from Startup with msconfig

9. Install your Virus Protection (an x64 edition for x64 Operating Systems)

10. Install your basic firewall (your hardware firewall should take 99% of the load)

11. Run SCW.....if you have the technical know-how (get it wrong you might require a rebuild)

12. Ensure you have Classic Startup Menu

13. Ensure you have the Classic Control Panel

14. Ensure you have the "Run Explorer in a Seperate Process" ticked in Folder Options

15. Disable the Preview Pane.....want a the file you have a powerful computer anyway....

Right, so why use Server 2008 as a gaming platform....well it is tighly configured as a server therefore it does not come with all the bloatware like Vista....yes no Media Centre out of the box it is quick and nippy plus it supports all the latest Quad Core CPU's if you have one.....
Remember.......gaming with a server OS requires technical Windows knowledge and is not recommended for "Joe Public" as you can run into be warned!
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