Dysfunctional Vista Control Panel

I had a very intresting issue during the weekend....it occured when I tried to access my Control Panel in Vista and was confronted with a blank screen as shown below:

Where have all the icons gone and why have they gone, so I start Process Explorer and RegMon and noticed that they were trying to call a service called "SLNotify" so I completed a search in Vista and this is the "SL UI Notification" service this however was started.....
Upon looking at the dependencies of this service I noticed that it is reliant on the "Software Licensing Properties" which was stopped so I set this service to Automatic and Started the service as shown below:

Then in a wizz of geekyness I started the Control Panel again to see all my icons have returned and all the services are now working correctly.........wicked!

Why does that work though???? Well as you ask restarting that service works as Windows can now perform a license verification which it was unable to complete without this service....so this service is quite key to Vista operating....

The Software Licensing service has completed licensing status check.

Application Id=55c92734-d682-4d71-983e-d6ec3f16059f

Licensing Status=


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