Apple Products Update....

OK, now I am worried if you asked me a week ago what I thought of Apple products I would have given you a negative answer like "There not Microsoft" or "Why would I buy an Apple" however this viewpoint so much in the last couple of days that I am almost prompting Apple products....WTF!!!!! did that happen....
So I have spoke to the Microsoft Persistance team and they tell me that this obsession will pass soon and I will soon wake up and realise that I prefer to use inferior, buggy, crash-happy and quite simply unstable software I am infected with the Appletitis....recently I have been advised by Microsoft that this is quite contagious and many people stupidly think this is the right move until the following morning.....
I would normally have agreeded which such superior power until now.....what am I saying....but then I started to realise that the Microsoft presence in my life is not that strong as of a couple of months ago here is my reasoning...
1. Web Server - Apache HTTPD Server

2. Application Server - PHP5

3. Database Server - MySQL 5.12

4. Mail Client - Mozilla Thunderbird

5. Internet Browser - Mozilla Firefox 3 B5

6. MP3 Player - Apple iPod Touch 32GB (v1.1.4)

7. Mobile Phone - Apple iPhone 8GB (v1.1.4)

Right, so other than the Operating System I use no other Microsoft products this is quite amazing but it gets worse as there are still certain pieces of hardware that I find myself really wanting to invest in, the first is the Mac Pro as shown below:
<img src="data/phoo/2008_04_17/medium/appleconvert2.JPG"
class="image" />

Excellent in every aspect and I want one....I can assure you that when I have more room I will be buying on of these as standard they have 8-cores and they are Intel;-)
The Macbook Pro (shown below) is what I really want as soon as I have sold my HP laptop this will be on my desk so to speak, I will probably go for the 15.1" Macbook Pro....if yu want to help me move to Apple then buy my HP laptop from the link here

Leave Windows???? Your a Windows Techie so why leave it....well I will still work with Windows but Home activites will probably soon be Apple based the reason for this is that the upgrade path from Windows XP Professional is to Vista Ultimate which I would not install ever again in my life as Vista is the most single crappest experience I have ever experienced in my life and Microsoft have Windows 7 left to impress me....that means it needs to be reliable, quick and easy to complete tasks in....this is a tall order for Microsoft and I personally think that they will mess up this Operating System as well.....
The transformation to Apple products is nearly complete.....
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