Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT)

I was messing with Windows the other day and noticed that my anti-virus picked up on the file "MRK.exe" in the C:WindowsSystem32 I was curious as to what the file was so I browsed to the directory and viewed the properties of the file.
All seems OK so far...published by Microsoft and the MD5 hash had checked out OK
If you have purchased a "malicious software remover" then you may choose not the read this article as one is already built into Windows and it works very well....
If you have the application installed you will know by following these instructions:
1. Click Start
2. Click Rum
3. Enter "MRT" (without the quotes)
4. Press Enter
If you have this application installed you will see this screen...
Click next here (as there is really no other option)
Choose the Quick or Full Scan of your system and click next
Quick Scan : 2 Minutes
Full Scan : 15 Minutes
Wait for the scan to complete and your verdict of infection!
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