Symantec Antivirus 2009 Gaming Edition

Yes, I am well aware that I continually knock Norton products for being resource hungry but it seems that Norton/Symantec have got it together and made a very good anti-virus product that the internet is prasing quite a bit.
If you want to read the "what it does" then you will find this section after the screenshot feature tours....
1. The main GUI which is very clean and slick...
2. Track your CPU Utilisation....
3. Set your options and get ready to game....
4. Who else is on your network? Check out the network map.....
5. Not sure if you got Fragged as you had a glitch in your network as someone hacked you, check it here....
6. Ready, Set, Game....Activate your secret A/V scanning while fragging others...

Norton Antivirus 2009 Gaming Edition Outline

Norton AntiVirus™ 2009 Gaming Edition is the fastest virus protection you can get. It stops spyware, worms, bots, and other threats cold—without slowing down your PC. When you’re gaming, your protection should get out of the way. Norton AntiVirus™ 2009 Gaming Edition does exactly that.
Gamer Mode

  • No alerts + no notifications = no interruptions

  • Optional settings to temporarily suspend updates, behavioral scanning and intrusion prevention

  • Enabled automatically when your PC is in full screen mode

  • Activate manually with a quick click on the Norton system tray icon

Lightning Fast

  • Rapid Pulse Updates every 5 to 15 minutes

  • Installs in less than a minute

  • Adds less than 1 second to boot time

Light as a Feather

  • Uses less than 6MB memory even without the Gamer Mode performance boost

  • Needs less than 50MB hard disk space on installation

  • Runs only 2 processes at a time

  • Performance graphs display CPU and memory usage and how little Norton is using

Respects your needs

  • Smart Scheduler holds resource intensive actions for when you are not using your PC

  • Resource usage table shows you the what, when and how long for background actions taken by Norton AntiVirus

  • Delivers consistently strong protection - that’s why Norton AntiVirus has won more consecutive Virus Bulletin 100 awards than any other AV software

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