Mac Mini Issues

I deceided on Monday the 26th January 2009 to purchase a Mac Mini as a new webserver, so on Tuesday I installed the device onto my network and had a little play with the new operating system, enjoying the look and feel and wishing for a rock solid UNIX experience......
However I turned on the Mac Mini on the Wednesday and all pissing hell broke loose, firstly the computer boot up and ran the "Welcome Wizard" however I noticed a lot of screen corruption and by screen corruption I mean I noticed red and green flashing dots all over the screen and the screen shifted to the right (like a wobble) quite annoyingly, minutes later a little box appeared saying reboot your Mac Mini....
I rebooted the device and on power up I got a blue screen with nothing on I left it for about 10 minutes with no mouse pointer before my patience ran out and I rebooted the Mac Mini again.....this time the operating system started.
When I logged in I got an message saying "Recovered from Serious Error" and a Apple Kernel Dump box came up outlining the errors.....right :-( (I am not sure if this error was caused by the reboot, but it should not take that long for the GUI to load surely?)
So it seems that I have a crash happy, screen corrupted Mac Mini from the Apple Store, also on the note of the screen corruption I have tried the following corrective actions:
1. Changed the DVI cable
2. Used DVI-1 and DVI-3 inputs on my monitor (original connection DVI-2)
3. Used a VGA-15 cable with convertor
4. Used another monitor
5. Changed Screen Resolution
6. Changed Screen Refresh Rate
7. Changed Color Profiles (long shot buy hey?)
I estimate that the GPU is faulty in the Mac Mini and hopefully I should be able to get a new one and not get it sent for a repair!!
I will be attending a Genius Bar in Touchwood, Solihull at 12:30 tomorrow to get this issue resolved!
Finally this is surely not the image that Apple want to be sending customers, as my Windows Servers are, so far way more reliable out of the box (never had a corrupt GPU in a Win32 box to date)
All hail Windows and Microsoft ]]>
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