New Gameplan.....PhD Supplements!!

I have been going to the gym for a while now and have deceided that I will turn it up a I enjoy the gym ohhh so much, so I am gonna kit myself out with the following supporting products:
1. High BV Whey Protien
2. High Proptien and Carb Protien Shake
3. Pre-Workout Stack
4. Post Workout Stack
5. BCAA's
6. HMB
7. Green Tea
8. Vitamins
This is the new gameplan.....learn it, live it , love it and embrace it......yeah...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
If you yourself use supplements then here is a list of the supplements I will be above the goal is listed before the item....
1. High BV Whey Protien > PhD Pharma Whey
2. High Proptien and Carb Protien Shake > PhD Synergy-ISO-7
3. Pre-Workout Stack > PhD Wired
4. Post Workout Stack > PhD Recovery 2:1
5. BCAA's - PhD BCAA Stack
6. HMB - PhD HMB Capsules
7. Green Tea - Tazo Tea - Zen
8. Vitamins - ProLab Vitamin Pouches
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