Issues with Error Pages....

Well, I have been surfing the net (as you would expect) and have noticed that certain compaines do not make any effort to hide there error pages for when there sites goes wrong....I used the word "when" as to expect you site never to go down is a silly and impossible statement to make.

This can most of the time not be a problem.....until you get an error that is so obviously not customised that it gives a lot away about what the company are hosting there website on...which means it easy to see what hosting platform and plugins the website for CeX is using....

[singlepic id=644 w=320 h=240 float=]

This error gives away the following information....

Web Server : Microsoft IIS5/6
Platform : Windows 2000/2003
Plugins : FastCGI

You will always get error in website land so customise your error to hide this obvious information!
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