Windows 7 RC1 - Reliability #2

Right, it is now one week into the Windows 7 RC1 experience and so far I can say that as well as being stable, quick and doing what I tell Windows to do it has gone really well....really impressed with Windows 7.

The Realibity has been excellent, no crashing, hanging or BSOD's whatsoever....all the drivers are Beta 1 which includes the GPU and Sound far so good!

[singlepic id=643 w=320 h=240 float=]

The last incident was on the 12th May 2005 and that was me trying to install something for the x32 version of that was user error (not that I admit that)

The gaming performance has yet to be determined....however I have a suspicion that Dead Space is not very happy running on Windows 7 x64.
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