21st Century Technology Failings...

This is the age of technology, where people are told be creative, push the boundaries and make stuff never thought of before, and trust me people are......

I never though people we use the retail and online market as beta testers, but its annoying as when you return something that is not fit for sale as stuff does not work on it - you get branded a "returner" when in fact that item failed public beta testing - the kind where you pay full retail price to beta test.

However lots of people are forgetting about quality control, testing and reliability, I have many of these examples, lets briefly touch on some areas......

Home Security

This is a simple one to get right surely, a hub that control devices in your house to make your lift easier, lets focus on the making your life easier........

This is obviously a lot hard than it would seem as company after company produce unfit products unsuitable for what i call "retail"

I have been with these companies in this order:

AlertMe > Halo > Iris > SwannOne > Smart-things

Now admittedly I am still with Smart-things but its far from perfect, the presence sensors work 20% of the time, it no longer auto arms and auto disarms even thought my mobile phone leaves and arrives at home when it should.

Why can people in this arena, make stuff that just works, like at the moment it does not.


This is the ultimate fail topic, release unfinished routers that drop connections and overheat and generally do not work, and brand them as "the best router" and people will buy them to get your sales figures, however you never get a company tell you "we have the lowest returns rate"

The companies here making shoddy crap as endless, not limited to Linksys, Belkin, Draytek, TP-Link, Buffalo, D-Link, BT, Asus.

I have only found two routers that I am confitable using these being the :
  • Apple Airport Extreme (Late 2013)
  • Cisco Meraki MR-18
The rest of the routers will be useless crap where you will inevitability rely on the next firmware update.

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