Nexus 5X - its here and its failed

Update : I had numerous issues with slow performance, lagging performance and overheating as well as random crashing therefore i've fallen back to my Nexus 5.

Yesterday I got my Nexus 5X, today I powered it up and set it up as my phone.....lets start off with the customary images of the device.....

This is the main box, which looks cool and groovy people.....

This is how the box looks when you open it up, I nicked this one from the internet as I am in the UK and forgot to take a photo before I removed it, sorry about that:

This is the phone with all the components spread out:

This is the phone in all its glory......yes it is rather nice, so far prefer the in-hand experience from the iPhone....

I have opted for the Spigen Slimfit Case as well as the SpiGen Glass.TR glass screen protector, so far so good.

The phone is x64 architecture and comes encrypted out of the box, which you cannot turn off, also the fingerprint sensor is amazing being on the back of the phones its a lot more natural than the iPhone Touch ID which is uncomfortable to use.

You immediately get Marshmallow 6.0.1 when you set-up the phone which is proving of the raw Nexus experience.

I also transfeered all my apps and the data that goes with those applications, and I used the following services:
  • Marshmallow  "Nearby phone" restore - which does 99% of the data
  • CM Backup - restores SMS messages
  • WhatsApp Google Drive Backup - restores WhatsApp messages 
That got my phone back to how it was on my Nexus 5, and everything was smooth and worked first time, there is no dodgy iPhone restore process where the restore can mess up your phone, it simply just works.

The sync and setup took 4 minutes, then the phone needed to download all the applications from the Play Store, then it was all ready to use, easy.

This experience is in principle the same as the iPhone, but with the iPhone you will find something do not restore and some data is missing from your backups, so for me Android wins here.

In summary all good, no bad :) 

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