KMS Windows Activation....

If you have an internal KMS server which needs to be used for more than 20 workstation activations or 15 server activations - then its a good idea to have a KMS server.

KMS is Key Management Service, this will automatically activate the Microsoft license for the products you have assigned to that server.

KMS is usually auto discovered via _VLMCS keys in the _tcp section of the DNS here :

If you open up one of these records you will see how the SRV record is configured, all the _VLMCS records need to be in the root of the DNS server.

You can see here that the port is 1688, the weight and priority are 0 for this environment as we do not need to utilise these settings.

If you have a server outside of the domain, you will need to know these commands to activate the server:

Set the KMS server : slmgr /skms :1688
Activate the license : slmgr /ato

If you need to manage your KMS server, as some environment have more than 1 you will need to user VAMT which is the "Volume Activation Management Tool"

This will help you manage all your servers and what they are activating, then from VAMT you can also see all your license keys....

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