Three - the most reliable unreliable network.....

I seem to be a malfunction magnet to many items, mobile phone being the big issue in my life, and it would appear that now my network is getting a doze of my bad luck.

This started off as "cellular dropouts" where I simply got no data on my handset, this being the iPhone 6S - this happened all over the place, and I assumed this Three being largely idiots, however my iPhone 6S dropped out in cities and airports and any large metropolitan areas.

This however, is not a post about me taking the piss out of iPhones, that is already done in another post.

When my iPhone 6S let me down, I went back to the Nexus 5 - which I had not factory reset to my relief and this seemed to fix the issues, except when I visited Birmingham in Christmas Eve which caused more issues - this was due to overcrowding of a cellular mast.

But again I digress.....

When I am at home, I connect to a single mast in my area - this is where the fun starts as since November 2015, this mast has been faulty, multiple times, over multiple weeks and when Three do a "fix" on this mast its offline within the next 4 days.

I also find myself in the "excluded" area for 4G by a couple of meters, which is damn well annoying.

So, I get no service most of the time in my home which is annoying, but thank god I use Skype with a Skype number so people can still get hold of me.

So that is where my Three service has failed, then I get up New Years day and for 30% of their customers, which obviously includes me there is no data, whatsoever - this does not help when I roam around to Birmingham or Dudley or Solihull its all dead on the data front.

Three do not know what caused the issue, but it was bloody annoying, I required Wifi for that day to get any data service.

So when Three advertise their network and "the most reliable network" I always ask myself from who's point of view is that calculated.

The bottom line here, is that Three beat all the other networks in my opinion - and their feel at home is not to be beaten by any network so far, so will I stay with Three - well yes obviously.
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