Old Wordpress Blog Restore

Well that was fun I tried to restore my XML file from Wordpress to Blogger but that did not work as I expected, I have the raw SQL but I need to convert that into XML before I can import this data file into Blogger.

Whats is even more annoying is my historical backups did not include the damn main blog XML file, this proves if you do not check your backups then how can you be sure what you are backing up.

Anyway I have a Raspberry PI which has the Wordpress site installed on it, so hopefully I can salvage the data from there, then you can have all my historical rambling, which may help someone out there on the internet.

Anyway, coffee calls, and coffee is far more important than restoring a blog for now, as I feel that my caffeine to blood % has dropped to a unacceptable low.

I will return i the near future with more exciting news about this restore.
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