Google Photos

Google photos is by far the best photo manager on the planet I've used bar none.

Don't get me wrong Amazon photos and Flickr is quite high up there with reliable photo managers but the thing I really like with Google photos is the power it has behind it.

So far to date this is the only photo manager that will automatically create stories and videos and then apply effects and do panoramas and HDR images right out of the box

There is also be added bonus. Photos under a certain size of free so I have converted my 80GB worth of photos into completely free storage on Google photos.

If you're considering between the unlimited free storage and the high quality paid from Google Drive option my advice would be get the "free" version as stories and effects seem to get priority over the free storage vs to Google Drive storage.

I have N+4 my photos meaning that I have three redundant copies on different storage platforms, these being:
  • Google Photos
  • Flickr
  • Amazon Cloud Photos
  • iCloud Photo Library
  • Photos for Mac (Local Copy)
I feel you only lose the value of not having backups when you've lost your photos which in my view are all the memories you have collected throughout your life and if you don't have a backup can be gone in one wrong click the mouse.

Google photos also has the most pleasing interface I've seen in a very long time some of the others can be quite crowded, Google photos also has the advantage of being one of the quickest to upload photos from your PC.

Screenshot below so you can see the whole interface of Google photos but my advice is you definitely want to give this a go.

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