Speed of Zero

Well today was fun, it seems now the UK is in the full swing of christmas shopping everywhere you go translates to a queue, added to the fact I think all traffic have a christmas setting for maximum frustration.

The end results? - Well my speedo in my car has been like this all day:

So, it would appear a BMW 123d with a 0-60mph of 6.8 seconds, had an average speed today of 21mph and it took around 60 minutes to get to 60 mph.

So, if I try and venture to Birmingham tomorrow I will almost certainly be getting the train, which is not my first choice, but looking at the complete failure of the roads in the UK around the festive holidays, I have no choice, and last time I check it has not even snowed yet.

I am now back at home, trying to get the traffic filled, paraphernalia behind me, also on a side note so far i have not put up the Christmas decorations - something inside me is not very festive.

However on that note, Webbs a local garden centre has all its xmas decorations out, as you can see here:

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