ESXi Persistanent DIMM Errors?

If you get an ESX host give a DIMM alert, where you know that all the DIMM’s are healthy, you have a race condition with the probe and the hardware status, to clear it following this guide:

WARNING : This will cause issues with guests on the hosts, if you do not move them off first
  • Add the ESX host to maintenance mode
  • Ensure all hosts are evacuated off the host
  • Click the Hardware Status tab.
  • Click the System event log view.
  • Click Reset event log.
  • Click Update to clear the error.
  • Click the Alerts and warnings view.
  • Click Reset sensors.
  • Click Update to clear the memory.
  • Ensure the error persists, if so continue…..
  • Enable SSH on the ESXi server (done from iLO, then support actions, then enable SSH)
  • Connect to the ESXI server using putty
  • Run this command to restart the sfcbd service: restart
  • Run this command to restart the service in ESX: /etc/init.d/sfcbd-watchdog restart
  • Click Update in the hardware status

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