Back on iOS - really ?

Well with my dying Nexus 5 - which actually randomly keep bricking itself every time I reboot it, I thought of being amazing idea to try its OS on the phone SE.

I wasn’t sure if I want to go with iOS 10 or whether I should take the risk and go straight to iOS 11.

I have iOS 11 on my work phone and I wouldn’t say it stable yet and were on beta 3, so opted to stay with iOS 10

iOS 10 despite being on 10.3.3 and the last version I used was 10.1,  has unfortunately not changed at all Apple seem to sacrifice form over function every time.

The Wi-Fi issues are still not fixed so if you’re in an area with weak mobile coverage and need to go on a wifi hotspot you are screwed on iOS, it will either not connect when it does connect won’t bring up the login page which means you’re in a Wi-Fi will garden state why you can’t get to any websites.

If you then have something like TunnelBear as a VPN provider to connect automatically on unsecured hotspot you get into more trouble because the VPN can’t connect.

When you finally get on the Wi-Fi the iPhone like to drop your Wi-Fi when the phone sleeps which puts you right back at the start of all the connection problems all over again, which is frustrating to say the least.

I was connected to hotspot yesterday after the 9th attempt, read a menu in the restaurant I was in, iPhone disconnected took me another 11 attempts to get back on the Wi-Fi and get my VPN online again.

This Wi-Fi predicament does not get solved in iOS 11 from what I’ve experienced.

Then there’s the notifications which on iOS 10, for lack of a better word awful, you will inconsistently get notifications at the wrong times and I don’t self clear.

Many of your third-party app don’t even get notifications on the ones that do you can’t interact with them you have to actually go into the app, coming from android marshmellow it’s a big step down.

The general advisory reinstall your app which doesn’t actually fix the problem nine times out of ten.

If you have custom ringtones the notifications you have to do all this weird converting them to M4R format for your phone to use them otherwise ads and your iTunes music library.

I’ve found using iOS for four days extremely frustrating but I’m not phased by it this time because I know that when the Google Piixel 2 comes out I’ll be back on Android.

Yes the app nice on iOS, yes iOS is more secure, but android have certain security measures in place like for example Google play protect and is the app Killswitch in android nougat or above.

Neither iOS or android is a perfect phone operating system but I’m definitely an android person having been that for the last two years issue three, iOS in my view falls a lot further away from the state of perfection that android.

Android notifications are flawless you’re able to interact with the app without opening the app, all my notifications work on android and consistently working.

I am therefore on iOS till around October time after which I’ll be back on the Google Pixel products.

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