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If like me you spend quite a while adding your photos to a folder which you wish to become an Album then on Sierra there is no way of doing what you need to do is use oDrive to sync Amazon Photos or Flickr or your normal source where the folders are located.

Once your have your folders downloaded, if using oDrive you will need to move them to a folder under Pictures and run First Aid on your disk otherwise you "have no permission to view the files" and you get no photos imported - this sucks and took me some time to find this out.

Then start Apple script load this file, then save it and hit execute, this will then ask your for a folder to import - this is the folder you moved your photos to with oDrive - select this folder and sit back and watch the magic

Download from Github
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However, if you have High Sierra if you click File > Import when you select the folder choose "keep folder structure" and this imports folders as albums - sweet - however as this is a beta it sometimes ignores you and does not work.

High SIerra is a beta and it will be buggy, but its really buggy at the moment - do not get me started on the awful space reporting on APFS.
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