iPhone and Orange

This is quite an intresting topic....I purchased my Apple iPhone with Apple Bluetooth headset and case plus a screen protectoron the 20th March 2008 which makes it a Thursday and got it home that evening and proceeded to download the preperation software for the unlock...this is what happened.....
1. Visit the site here

2. Click on Download ZiPhone

3. You get directed to this site here

4. I clicked on the Windows Logo as I use Windows.....if you use a Mac then.....go figure!

Note : Windows users get easily confused and I am shocked to read on WinBeta that 24% of the Internet population cannot get to Google, so as a precaution I have added an image....click on the image that looks like this!

5. Run the Downloaded Self Extractor

6. Install to the Default Directory

7. The application ZiPhone will automatically run after the install

Note : If you are using Vista and have UAC protection enabled then you will need to ensure that you right click on the executable and choose run as Administrator....
8. All you need to do is click on the button labelled "Do it All!" once this button is clicked your iPhone will enter recovery mode and a script will run which you will see on the iPhone once this is complete your iPhone will be unlocked!

9. Unfortunately I did not complete any of these steps.....why you may ask....well firstly Orange may get the iPhone in the future but more importantly I have Windows Mobile in my blood....and I cannot deny the fact that Windows Mobile is far superior as Windows Mobile is on the Sixth edition......
I currently have a SPV E650 (S710) and yes it is slow but I am happy for this slowness to prevail instead of using an unlocked Apple product!

If you are are mad enough to complete this yourself and get an unsupported iPhone then the Edge settings are as follows:
AP: orangeinternet

User: user

Pass : pass

If you do enter these settings ensure you have at least the Orange World 30MB data add-in installed and disable data roming otherwise you might have a very large bill (especialy if you use Google Maps alot!)
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