iTunes has taken the last straw.....

iTunes has pissed me off for the final time....if it is not the "You iPod could not be found" it is the lets make 30 albums for one album bug/error....I am completely pissed off with this as the album came from the iTunes even Apple cannot get their ID tags correct for their own M4P files.
I have tried to the obvious advice like...
1. Did you also check the box next to "empty" fields, such as Album Artist? That''s how you clear out fields that otherwise contain different tag info.
2. Highlight all the songs click Get Info and ensure the Compilation is checked
3. Ensured the Album Name is the same for all tracks

4. Used Tag & Rename to apply album Art to all my MP3's

I was wondering if this was I performed a Google and no it no me it is stupid iTunes....
iTunes is utterly shit, yes shit from a Windows point of view and due to this fact I am now disposing with my iPod Touch to get a proper MP3/MP4 player that does not requires iTunes and the mountain of shite and hassle that goes along with it!!!!
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